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Wedel IT – Access Policy Tool

Wedel IT – Access Policy Tool

Wedel IT – Access Policy Tool

This is the first of many tools we are currently developing for making the job a bit easier for all the Citrix admins out there.
Some of the more advanced configurations in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop are performed via the PowerShell command line. For some, this might seem scary, as the commands are often somewhat complex. This is why we have created this tool. To ease the task of configuring the access policy for the delivery groups in an easy to use graphical interface.
Wedel IT – Access Policy Tool let you do the following tasks:
· Exclude clients based on their IP addresses without the use of NetScaler!
· Exclude clients based on their computer name.
· You can review the policy to verify your configuration or troubleshoot issues.
· You can set the policy back to default if you did something wrong.

How to use the tool
The tool is very simple to use. Copy the tool onto one of your delivery controllers (DDCs) and run the tool as a user that have the appropriate permissions in Citrix Studio.
1. Type in the name of the delivery group for which you want to edit or view the access policy.
2. Select the filter you want to use (IP address or Name)
3. Type in the value (IP address/subnet) and/or the name of the clients you want to exclude.
4. Hit the “Set Policy” button

Example IP-address values: (excludes single IP) (excludes a subnet), (excludes both a single IP and a subnet. Use comma to separate the values)

Example name values:
domain\computername (excludes a single client)
domain\computername,domain\computername2 (excludes two clients named computername and computername2)

We have some plans already for developing this tool. Some of them are:
· Automatically get all delivery groups from your Citrix site so you can select them in a dropdown box.
· More filters (also include filters)
· Add a log function to keep a history of the changes and by whom.
If you have a great idea for a function that you feel is missing in the tool, please do not hesitate to give us a shout and we will try our best to make it happen.

Download the tool here

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